Secret Leaders
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Secret Leaders features interviews with key figures from the UK tech and creative ecosystem. From entrepreneurs (both early and latter stage), to journalists, VCs - and even royalty - the series profiles those who have helped shape the nation's culture of innovation and growth.

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    S02E11 Planet Organic: How Founder Renée Elliott Wove Together Love and Food

    Our guest this week takes life and food seriously. Meet Renée Elliott, the founder of Planet Organic, a principled, thoughtful, and always kind entrepreneur, here to offer some valuable life lessons and sound business advice.

    The journey of Planet Organic The investor nightmare Co-founder trouble and starting to work with her husband Living the life in Tuscany for three years Co-creating a business and life-skills academy for women

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    S02E10 Shazam: How Dhiraj Mukherjee Built One of the Most Downloaded Apps of All Time

    Our guest this week is Dhiraj Mukerjee, one of the co-founders of Shazam, the terrifyingly popular app that has been downloaded over one billion times. Join us to hear the story of how Dhiraj and his three colleagues grew Shazam from just the idea to its dazzling magnitude today.

    Building Shazam and getting people to use it Getting a lot of nos from investors Disguising the product so that someone else didn’t steal their idea What the future looks like, if you ask Dhiraj

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    S2E09 Babylon Health: How Founder and CEO Dr Ali Parsa Plans to Make Healthcare a Utility for Every Human on Earth

    Our guest this week is the founder of Babylon Health: Ali Parsa. What Ali chose to do is nothing short of noble: trying to make healthcare affordable and accessible to everyone. Tune in to hear the lessons and advice of a very ambitious and opinionated human being.

    Coming to the UK as a refugee and steering clear of negativity Building Circle and, later on, Babylon Thinking big, acting big, staying human

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    S2E08 How Alex Depledge Co-Founded a Company that Sold for €32 Million

    Our guest this week is a feisty, joyous force of nature. Alex Depledge shares some serious wisdom on how, together with her co-founders, she ambitiously built and grew (+ we cover many more topics). Join us for a refreshing, feminist episode.

    Her journey from I-don’t-know-anything-about-startup-entrepreneurship to building the right product at the right time What was raising money like in a period when there wasn’t a startup ecosystem Finding an executive coach and surviving Brexit

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    S2E07 Charles Tyrwhitt: How Founder Nicholas Wheeler Went From an Aston Martin to Global Domination

    Our guest this week is a man who enjoys taking high-achieving to new levels every morning while eating breakfast. Meet Nick Wheeler, the founder of Charles Tyrwhitt, the shirt company on a mission to make it easy for men to dress well.

    Nick’s previous ventures and how he started and grew Charles Tyrwhitt Nick’s infatuation for learning from mistakes, over and over and over again The do’s and don’ts of hiring when you’re a small company His advice to entrepreneurs worldwide

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    S2E06 Not On The Highstreet Co-Founder Holly Tucker

    Our guest this week is the lovely co-founder of, Holly Tucker (previously known as “Hurricane Holly”). Join us for an hour of inspiration, as Holly shares her secrets for balancing family, happiness, and business, as well as her journey towards finding her ikigai.

    Creating together with Sophie Cornish at their respective kitchen tables Why Holly advises entrepreneurs to trust their internal compasses

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    S2E05 ustwo Co-Founder Mills on Building a Fampany (aka Family Company)

    Our leader du jour is Mills, aka Matt Miller, co-founder of ustwo, an international digital product and service studio. Mills tells us all about how they created ustwo and developed an App Store App of the Year, and why they will never ever sell their fampany (for those of you late to the table, that’s a family company).

    The story of how ustwo was formed How they created a global smash hit mobile game What’s next for ustwo and for Mills

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    S2E03 Co-Founder of Songkick: Pete Finlay on Burnout and Growing Too Fast

    What are the ingredients needed for a successful startup adventure? Pete Finlay, formerly Pete Smith, co-founder of Songkick and Silicon Milkroundabout, has a few pieces of advice for first-time founders that could make all the difference in the world.

    • Songkick’s birth, infancy and later years
    • What made Songkick different from other online concert discovery tools
    • Pete’s experience with burnout and his advice to first-time founders

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    S2E02 Gail Gallie, Co-Founder of Project Everyone: Reaching 7 billion people in 7 days

    How do you go about creating a better tomorrow? Project Everyone co-founder Gail Gallie thinks that we should all get involved. It starts with something small, and then expands into something great.

    Working as a producer for Radio 1 The challenges of being the CEO of an ad agency Driving awareness towards a sustainable future

    Links: Project Everyone The Sustainable Development Goals

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